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Saturday, November 2, 2019

Can a blogger be a reporter?

Can a blogger be a reporter?
A blogger be a reporter

Blogs are often associated mainly with the thematic scope of the Life Style type or various specialist fields. We are often even convinced that writing a blog is even a literary genre with rigid boundaries that cannot be crossed.

Similar superstitions have existed for centuries in high literature. In fact, it was only the 19th and 20th centuries that brought a revolution and a clearer departure from existing schemes. To what literary genre can you assign, for example, the writings of Emil Cioran or Fernando Pessoi? Certainly any classification would be in these (and in many other cases) not only cumbersome, but even impossible. The same applies to blogging. Our writing style does not have to copy the patterns known to us from lifestyle or fashion blogs. As part of the blog, we can also write in a reportage way, remembering, however, that reportage is by no means a uniform genre and may contain features typical of an essay, journal or fiction.
If you travel a lot and at the same time like to write: why not have a blog devoted to this topic? Of course, this does not mean that you have to adapt to the style typical of travel blogs. Write in your own way, try to interest the reader according to your own ways, do not copy unknowingly templates, because what attracts attention is primarily originality.

Examples? Take, for example, the famous reportage "Ameksyka. War on the Border, "by British reporter Ed Vulliamy. This is not a "typical" report: Vulliamy by no means shuns the elements typical of the essay, and thus his own observations, analyzes and impressions. The book mentioned, honored with the prize of Ryszard Kapuściński, is in many of his parties even a sociological essay. At the same time, Ed Vulliamy writes with the zest and narrative freedom inherent in novelists. If you are looking for inspiration, you can also reach for still unknown texts from Polish literature, e.g. numerous sketches by Stanisław Vincenz or Jerzy Stempowski, where the forms of reportage and essay are combined with elements of deeply personal writing, evoking personal memories and impressions. Also remember that no real writer or reporter got his style right away: workshop is always a matter of practice, and practice can only be acquired in one way - by writing.

 Does a reporter have to be a traveler?

The identification of reportage literature with travel literature is another hackneyed banality that has little to do with the truth. Reportage is simply a relationship, more or less personal, essay or memory, but always a relationship. You don't have to report travel or experiences in distant countries at all. There are plenty of themes, they literally lie on the street and surround us from all sides. Write about what is important to you, what moves you or makes you reflect. In this way you will be able to achieve the first feature conditioning real writing, namely: authenticity.

From blogger to reporter: is it possible?