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Saturday, November 2, 2019

How to live stream on Facebook with computers and phones Clearly

How to live stream on Facebook with computers and phones BEAUTIFUL, CLEAR
How to live stream on Facebook

How to live stream on Facebook is a fairly common question after Facebook launched the live streaming feature. Recognizing that users gradually have a greater interaction with video posts instead of mere images, this feature allows us to record videos directly on our personal pages to chat online or even reporting on events, fun events ... quite interesting and new
How to live stream on Facebook using a computer
First, you must equip yourself with a Webcam for video recording if you use a PC, and if you use a laptop, you already have a camera to support video recording. But to ensure the image is posted clearly, a specialized tool is still the recommended option.

The steps are as follows:

Step 1: First, log into your personal account or Fanpage you want to Live Stream. When you click on the Create article section, there will be a list of posting options, including the option of Live video, this is the live recording feature on Facebook.

Step 2: Next, write the status for this live video as describing the content of the Live stream, expressing emotions, checking in ...
Step 3: Click on Live video and click Next. There is a completely independent window interface to perform the Live stream and a dialog box asking for permission to use the camera and microphone, is the webcam on the laptop. Lets use to conduct live video recording on Facebook using the computer version.

Step 4: After that, the user will have a preview of the video recording interface, adjust the angle, appearance ... and then click Live. The video will be played after 3 seconds countdown, this time will notify friends or members of the page that you are Live Stream and they can watch the video you live stream.
Besides sharing photos online, you can still comment or tag your friends' names to increase interaction.

Step 5: To finish recording, click the Finish button in the bottom right corner. Soon there will be a notice that the live video recording has ended and the entire video content will appear on your timeline.

Hopefully, the above guide to live stream Facebook using PC will help you can create online videos to save your special moments. And if you have a habit of using a smartphone (iPhone or Android) to use this social networking application, the following will be a guide to live stream on Facebook with your phone.

How to live stream on facebook by phone
Step 1: Continue to start by logging in to your personal account or page page that you intend to Live Stream. In the post creation section, below the post status will have a live streaming icon ("Live"), the option to start doing.
Step 2: Facebook will give notice that the application wants to access Camera ("Facebook would like to access the camera") and Microphone ("Facebook would like to access the camera"). Select OK to allow Facebook to use your phone camera and microphone to connect.

Step 3: The screen of your phone will be displayed with the recording status and settings about who your video will be connected to, enter a description of the content and even adjust the effect when recording for you. Selection.

Step 4: After adjusting the settings and desired recording angle, select Start streaming video to start recording. Facebook will notify you of recording using the red Direct notification in the upper corner of the screen. When done Livestream, you select Finish. If you want to keep your Livestream videos, select Keep and if you do not want to, then cancel.

With the way to record live video on this phone, it will be very convenient for those who want to report events in a timely manner or update the information of parties, parties, ...

How to stream Facebook beautiful and clearest
During live stream, if there is a large number of people accessing the live stream at the same time, it will lead to lag and shock. To get the most beautiful, clear and smooth picture, you need to be technically well prepared. Include:

Ensure uninterrupted transmission line, usually high speed fiber optic cable of VNPT or FPT is the optimal and popular choice.
Well-configured computer, webcam or mobile device, high-resolution camcorder specifications.
Quiet recording space, avoiding the influence of outside noise that negatively affects the live stream.
Now you know how to live stream on Facebook so you can interact with friends online. Start creating your own beautiful memories and share it with those who love you!