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Monday, November 4, 2019

Top 30 Important Tips for Bloggers

30 Important Tips for Bloggers
Tech Tips Juice

I want to write a blog, but will I be successful? Will my blog come to the points I want? Is it readable? Will it win me?

# Blogging and blogging is quite easy. If you want to write a blog but do not know how to set up a blog, you can easily set up by following the article on how to open a blog.

However, the hard part is to fix your blog!

It's hard to get success. The money gained from the blog after the success of the doors opened in front of you, opportunities are unlimited.

Believe me, this is it!

So I want to be a blog writer and a successful blogger, what should I pay attention to?

>> Write About Your Favorite Topic
>> Get Professional Support
>> SEO Compatible Blog Writing
>> Give Your Blog Time
>> Browse Popular Posts by Other Blogs
>> Guest Writing
>> Be Stable
>> Keep Your Readability Quality Technically Maximum
>> Rest your Articles and Review Before Publishing
>> Make Your Articles Social - Tips from Oğuz Veli Yavaş
>> Include Leading Names of Your Industry in Your Blog
>> Optimize Subtitles
>> Creating Mail Subscription and Collecting Subscriptions Effectively
>> Other Important Blog Tips
Select a Favorite Topic to Post a Blog
#Blog is the first and most important advice I can give to your potential blogger friends who want to write is definitely and certainly will write about your favorite topic.

Many people start blogging with the aim of earning money from a blog, and after investigating which topic has the most money-making potential, they choose a topic as a blog topic and start blogging on that topic.

I say with all my experience and sincerity that if you do not feed the slightest excitement to the subject you write, there is no way you can produce quality content.

You can't even get near it!

Just as you can't write quality content, it will soon overwhelm you.

The result will be nothing but frustration.

# If you have in mind, I will write on the topic I like but the target audience of this topic is very narrow, my blog max. how many people will visit that if I thought I would make money from the blog, I must say that you definitely have the wrong idea.

Although the niche you are targeting is small, the potential for monetization can be large. Sometimes it is not the quantity but the qualified visitor.
Get Professional Help
From the first time I started writing blogs, I've had tremendous experiences. It took me years to bring my blog to these days. I'm very satisfied with my success.

But I have only one regret!

I don't waste too much unnecessary time for success. Do not get it wrong,

The waste of time is not because I'm not interested in my blog, but because I always take the wrong steps to go to the top of Google.

Professional Support for Blogging
I wish I could find someone with my current level of knowledge,

If I had been informed about his experiences and how to follow me.

Believe me, I'm having this regret. If I did, I would have waited 1 year, not 3 years to succeed.

Of course, why spend money for such a service at the beginning, I'll learn in time, I thought already in a hurry.

But now when I look back;

By not receiving such a service, I realize that the money I left on the table in 2 years has created an enormous opportunity cost for me.

Don't make this mistake that I made myself and get professional support from people who have experience in this subject to learn how to do blogging (in terms of google).

# If you want to receive such support, I can give you this service. You can learn the details from my SEO Service page.
Write SEO Compatible Blog
Many people who are new to blogging, who are new to this business, start this business with enthusiasm, write blogs as they come from and then think why my content doesn't appear on google and what I am missing.

In fact, he's been wasting a long time until he finds out about his many mistakes. Or because he doesn't know exactly how to row, much of his energy is wasted.

How to write a blog?

1-First you should know how Google works, ranking criteria so that you can prepare your content according to those criteria: SEO Criteria

2-In your articles, not your own words, you should pass the words people are looking for. Unless you use people's search terms, google will not be able to make a connection between your searcher and the searcher, so it won't show your post to that person: Keyword Analysis

3- You should prepare your articles according to on-site SEO criteria: On-Page SEO

4-Your articles should be SEO compliant: SEO Compatible Article Writing

5-You must write the marketing of the articles you wrote: Backlink Retrieval Methods

6-And most importantly, the technical infrastructure of your blog should have a solid foundation. You should work with a fast hosting company, use a SEO compatible and fast theme.
Give Your Blog Time
One of the most frequently asked questions, I do everything but why do not visitors come to my site? Why don't my hits increase? is the question.

Even if you start a blog and do everything right in the beginning and in the process, it will take at least 6 months for your blog to start receiving significant amounts of organic traffic.

Don't doubt that this isn't just for you. Today, thousands of hits per day, all the blogs we call good, came to this state by experiencing this process.

The statistics I share below are from my own blog. In the first 6 months of my blog that I opened on April 11, 2014, I spoke to the wall so to speak.

#April - October range, the first 6 months of my blog spent doing everything right and patiently.

After the 6th month, the traffic of my blog gradually increased and at the end of 1 year it was able to reach 1000 sessions per day.

In the next 6 months, the acceleration of growth has accelerated and is still gaining momentum.

why visitors don't come to my site

The message I want to give is that no matter how much you do this job, if you want to have a success by opening a blog in the short term, I guarantee you that it is impossible. Having a successful blog requires effort, stability and time.
Browse Popular Posts From Other Blogs
#I know, you have dozens or even hundreds of blog post ideas in mind, but which of them is more demanded by people?

Which topics have the potential to read more? As a result, every blog owner's dream is to get thousands of hits per day.

My advice to you who want to write a blog, do not try to rediscover America. So if you're not sure if the topic you're going to write is really popular or not, write on topics that have proven themselves to be popular.

There are 2 ways to find out what content has proven to be popular. The first is alexa and the second is blog writers who reveal which topics are most read on their blog.

1- Alexa: Go to Alexa.com, enter the search tab above, enter the address of a blog that you see as your competitor, and click the Find button, point to “Top Keywords from Search Engines”.

In this section, alexa shows you which keyword (s) your traffic to your competitor's blog via google and other search engines is most likely to generate.

Alexa opponent analysis

The results you see in the picture above belong to my blog. 6.16% of wpmavi's traffic through search engines in the last 1 month is “w3 total cache settings” and 4.62% is “wordpress membership plugin”.

This is directly proof that the words “W3 Total Cache” and “WordPress membership plug-in olduğun are highly popular.

The point I want to make is that with this analysis you can achieve real results that are directly experienced rather than potential, and you can write articles on those keywords.

2- Popular Content Many blog authors, including myself, publish a list on their blog's side panel under the title of “popular posts gösteren which shows which content has received the most visits to this day.

Popular articles - What topic is needed to blog?

You can search for blogs on the same niche, find out which content is most popular, and write about it.
Guest Writing
TecH tips Juice

Another important tip I would like to share with those who want to write a blog is to be a guest writer.

If you think that I should take the time to write content for someone else's blog, as well as enter quality content when I have to write for my own blog, I say with all sincerity that you are definitely thinking wrong.

# You don't waste time writing on another blog, but you save time for the success of your own blog.

If you say why, think like this;

You are a well-equipped teacher, there are hundreds of ideas in your mind that you want to pass on to your students, but you enter the class one is empty. What's the point of teaching a class to an empty class?

This is the biggest problem you will encounter when you open a blog. You will write high-quality, masterpiece articles, but you will not have an audience at the beginning because people are not aware.

#Therefore, you must first introduce yourself to people by making guest names on blogs with thousands of subscribers and visitors who have made a name and make a name.

When you publish articles on a blog that has made a name, your blog will be visited and read by thousands of people due to the fact that the blog has an audience.

Especially if your article contains links to your blog, it will take its share from thousands of visits to your blog.

Therefore, you should definitely consider writing as a guest, not as a waste of time, but as a correct and necessary step.

Note: In the meantime, if you intend to write guest, you can see wpmavi.com as an option. Details: Guest Writing

Be Stable
Stable Blogging
Stable Blogging
One of the most critical and important points of blogging is to be stable. Some bloggers like me publish their content once a week, while others publish it every day.

#Yes, a week's a long time. I am aware. Do you think that I would like to publish every day and double the traffic of my blog every day that I could put on for a week, but I was able to publish it in a week, but in the end I was really content with quality? Of course I would.

But I know that when my goal is to publish content every day, because the priority is time, the content that will come out will certainly be far from my standard quality.

Every content I focus on shortening my content publishing process will reduce my quality a bit more and eventually the content will turn into garbage content with thousands of examples on the web.

# The main thing is not to publish content every day, but to publish quality content. Preparing quality content takes time and effort. Research and writing will take a long time as it takes a long time.

# Success does not only require the release of quality content, it also requires tremendously balanced stability. You should not compromise your quality while trying to put the time forward, and you should not postpone the time to avoid compromising your quality.

Keep Your Readability Quality Technically Maximum
For a blog or website, font font, font font size, font background color, paragraph length, line spacing, readability, and scannability are so vital that no matter how high your content is, your readability quality is potentially the maximum you will always lose your reader.

If you want to increase the rate of content reading, the number of visitors to your site and most importantly the time spent on your site, you should always pay attention to the technical elements of the article.

#This topic, 7 Simple Font Change and Increase Average Session Time, I believe you will definitely benefit.

Rest and Review Before Publishing
blog tips - blog tips for those who want to write a blog -

Don't publish your articles right after you write them. Because no one can produce an error-free writing in one sitting.

When you write a different article, you will have a different mentality while reading that article, and when you try to read your articles through the eyes of a reader to correct the mistakes in your article right after you write it, believe me, you will fail, and you will miss a lot of mistakes.

To correct your mistakes, you should definitely read your articles from a fresh perspective. For a fresh mind and point of view, you should go away for a while at the beginning of your article and linger with different efforts.

The more you pay attention to editing your post, the easier it will be to read, the more clear the message you want to transfer, and the more your blog's reader interaction rate increases.

Make Your Articles Social - Tips from TECH TIPS JUICE
 Social Media Consultant
One of the biggest problems of new bloggers is that they cannot determine exactly how and where they can reach their target audience about the content they have written.

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